Stampede Parade

The 2017 Snake River Stampede Parade will take place Saturday, July 15 at 10:00 am in Downtown Nampa to kick off rodeo week.

Prior to the Parade, there will be a Pancake Breakfast from 7:00 am to 11:00 am on 13th Avenue South between 1st and 2nd Streets ($5 adults, $3 children 12 and under). Proceeds from the pancake breakfast go to support the local initiatives of the participating service clubs.

The parade will begin at 10 am and wind through the streets of downtown Nampa, beginning on 15th. It will continue down 15th to 2nd Street, it will proceed down 2nd St. until making a turn on 10th Ave., the parade will then turn back on 3rd St. returning to the area where it started. Spectators can line up anywhere along the parade route. The unloading and assembly area is located in the First Church of the Nazarene parking lot (corner of 16th & 7th).

The Parade Marshall will be Jimmie Hurley.

Invitations to ride in the Snake River Stampede all-horse parade have been sent to riding clubs and buggy and wagon owners all over the Northwest and more than 300 riders are expected to participate. Also featured during the parade is the Snake River Stampede stage coach, an authentic mud wagon coach used just after the turn of the 20th century on a route between Silver City and Murphy.


“The Stampede parade is a longstanding tradition in Nampa, dating back to the early 1920s,” explains parade advisor Vern Carpenter. “We are putting out a call to everyone who has a horse to join us and ride. This is one of the largest parades in the nation and one of the few rodeo parades left in Treasure Valley. We work hard to make it a special event for spectators. A lot of new people are moving into the valley and many of them may not have ever seen a rodeo horse parade.”

There are various judged categories in which first, second and third place ribbons are awarded. Judging will begin promptly at 8:45 am. The best entries will be chosen in the following categories: adult riding club, junior riding club, family riding club, wagon, buggy, miniature entry, float, antique tractor, visiting royalty, man, woman, pair of men, pair of women, man and woman, girl, boy, and pair.

For safety reasons, we do not allow drills or anything that might stop or slow the parade. It is very important that we keep the parade together without gaps since gaps encourage automobile drivers to try to dart through the parade line. There are no motorized vehicles allowed in the parade.

To participate in this year’s parade, please complete the following form. If you are interested in volunteering for the parade, click here to contact us.

Line Up: 8:45 am
Parade Start: 10:00 am

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Parade Entry Form

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Drill Team Application



Non-competing adult riding club
Competing adult riding club
Competing junior riding club
Competing family riding club

Will begin promptly at 8:45 a.m. in assembly area and will take place both in assembly area and along parade route.

Beauty and classiness of horse – 15 points
Grooming of horse – 10 points
Matching in pairs – 11 points
Uniformity and looks of dress – 12 points
Looks of equipment – 15 points
Horsemanship – 12 points
Straight lines & spacing – 10 points
Behavior of club as a unit – 15 points
Total points possible – 100 points

Judges’ decision is final
Judges will choose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places

PRIZES: Adult, Jr., and Family Clubs
1st place: Trophy, $125 cash
2nd place: Trophy, $100 cash
3rd place: Trophy, $75 cash

In order to be considered for judging, a riding club must have 8 riders mounted.

FREE TICKETS: All rides in the parade will be given a general admission ticket voucher which can be exchanged for a ticket.

Individual contestants are judged in the classification in which they have entered. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons will be given. The categories include:

Best Woman
Best Pair of Women
Best Man
Best Pair of Men
Best Man & Woman
Best Girl 15-18
Best Pair of Girls 15-18
Best Boy 15-18
Best Pair of Boys 15-18
Best Boy & Girl 15-18
Best Girl 11-14
Best Pair of Girls 11-14
Best Boy 11-14
Best Pair of Boys 11-14
Best Boy & Girl 11-14
Best Girl 10 & Under
Best Pair of Girls 10 & Under
Best Boy 10 & Under
Best Pair of Boys 10 & Under
Best Boy & Girl 10 & Under
Best Costume
Best Buggy or Carriage
Best Commercial Entry
Best Miniature Entry
Best Wagon
Best Visiting Royalty

The following points will be used in judging individual contestants and pairs:

Beauty of horse – 33 1/3 pts.
Horsemanship – 33 1/3 pts.
Costume & Equipment – 33 1/3 pts.
Total possible points – 100 pts.

Beauty of horses – 20 pts.
Matching of horses – 20 pts.
Attractiveness of clothing – 20 pts.
Attractiveness of equipment – 20 pts.
Horsemanship – 20 pts.
Total possible points – 100 pts.

Beauty & behavior of horses – 25 pts.
Grooming of horses – 25 pts.
Cleanliness of vehicle & equip. – 25 pts.
Outfits of riders – 25 pts.
Total possible points – 100 pts.