Calf Scramble

The Calf Scramble event was established in 1999 to encourage free enterprise, responsibility and educational opportunity for the youth of the Treasure Valley.

Each Calf Scramble event involves participants who range from 14-16 years of age, competing for the chance to catch one of the calves that are released into the arena. The calves must be caught, haltered and led across the finish line to be declared a winner. The winners each receive a $1,000 certificate towards the purchase of a purebred beef or dairy heifer that is raised with supervision from local 4-H and FFA advisors.

The winners are then required to return to the Snake River Stampede the following year to show their heifer at the Calf Scramble Livestock Show. They are also encouraged to show their heifer at local county fairs and other local breed shows. The Calf Scramble works in partnership with local 4-H and FFA clubs encouraging the participation of high school students in agricultural projects.

If you have never seen the event, watch the following video.

2017 EVENT

The Snake River Stampede Directors and Calf Scramble Committee are pleased to announce the Eighteenth Annual Calf Scramble Event to be held Tuesday July 18th & 22nd Saturday matinee. Last year there were 24 young people from the Treasure Valley 4-H and FFA Chapters that won certificates by catching a calf in the event. This certificate enabled them to acquire a purebred beef heifer. They are now a part of their 4-H or FFA programs and will exhibit their heifers at the SRS Livestock Show during rodeo week in July.

With generous C S sponsorships, there will be two CS events this year. This will mean 20 to 45 young people can be event contestants during the Tuesday night rodeo or Saturday matinee rodeo. This will enable 20 to 24 4-H or FFA members to be winners and obtain a heifer for the 2017/18 school year. We are requesting each young person that has an interest in this program submit an application to us so we can provide the young people and club leaders’ detailed rules for the participant and the event itself. The participants should be 14 (as of 1/1/2017) to 16 years of age and not beyond beginning their senior year of high school in the fall of 2017. Any previous CS winner may not compete a second time. In the event we have more than 45 applicants, there will be a drawing of 45 applications for eligible contestants for the 2017 calf scramble event.

We are excited to be a part of this youth activity in Idaho. We are requesting the leaders, or individuals submit applications completed by the young people and mail to: SRS Calf Scramble Committee, 1118 Heckathorn Pl, Nampa, ID 83686. If you or the young people have questions, please call Rodney at 466-8626, or cell 880-0558.


If you are interested in competing, download the application, general rules, and arena rules. The deadline to submit Calf Scramble applications 6/20/2017.


This event is possible thanks to the generous support of many individuals and businesses. We would like to extend a sincere Thank You to our past and future sponsors. The Snake River Stampede Youth Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 Organization. All donations are tax deductible. If you are interested in becoming a supporter of the program, click here to download a brochure with additional information.

This is more than a rodeo event; it is an investment in the youth and agricultural heritage of Idaho.